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Town banners created by students at
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Ross Property Owners Association
2018 Membership Solicitation

The Ross Property Owners Association (RPOA) has been representing Ross Residents since 1961. Through the financial support of its members, the RPOA has worked to inform residents of important issues and to contribute to the continual improvement of the community.

The Association holds monthly meetings at 7:15 p.m. in Town Hall on the Monday preceding the regular monthly Thursday night Town Council meeting. RPOA members are encouraged to participate in our monthly meetings. Issues pertaining to Town matters are discussed, particularly those currently before the Council. Membership is open to all residents of Ross.

A Representative from the RPOA Board attends regular Town Council meetings to report membership concerns. A listing of some recent projects and photos are on page 2. We hope you will support the Association this year and help to ensure that the RPOA can continue its great tradition of service to the community.

General Membership Dues: $35.00
Friend of the Ross Bear: $100 to $199
Best friend of the Ross Bear: $200 or more
Note: Any amount over $35.00 is tax deductible

Make your check payable to the Ross Property Owners Association and return it in the enclosed envelope. We will be sending an email to our members after the town council meetings to inform everyone of what we spoke about at the meeting. Please include your e-mail address. Check out our website:

Please join us at 7:15 PM, Ross Town Hall.

We invite your active participation. Should you have any questions, feel free to call one of the board members listed below or kindly share any comments you may have in the enclosed envelope.

The Ross Property Owners Association Board
Marcia Skall  1 415-533-5721
Anne Hickey  1 415-456-9330
Jeff Koblick  1 415-407-0022
John Kieckhefer  1 415-717-1181
Iris Winey  1 415-456-6829
Diana Hammer  1 415-259-7007
Mike Gillfillan  1 415-308-9088

Association Projects

  • Newsletter
  • Re-landscaping of Kittle Park (at the entrance to the Town of Ross)
  • Renovation of the Bear Hut at Natalie Coffin Greene Park
  • Candidates Night for election of Town Council members (when required)
  • Seasonal banners on the light poles along Ross Common
  • December holiday decorations on bridge, post office and Town Hall
  • Gift wreaths for the Ross merchant's doors
  • July 4th celebration funding
  • DISCO-emergency preparedness support and maintenance of bulletin board in P.O.
  • Placement and replenishment of plastic bags for dog waste downtown
  • Maintain the outdoor kiosk/bulletin at the Ross Post Office
  • Preparation and mailing of Ross School Bond Election informational postcard
  • Town to place Dog Ordinance signs near Ross Common playing field

Creeping FAR's

Join the RPOA

Ross Property Owners’ Association (RPOA) is dedicated to providing funds and services for the benefit of the general and school community of the Town of Ross.

The Association holds monthly meetings at 7:15 p.m. at the Town Hall on the Monday immediately preceding the Town Council meeting. RPOA members are encouraged to participate in our monthly meetings. Issues pertaining to Town matters are discussed, particularly those currently before the Council.

Disaster Planning

The RPOA would like to remind residents of the importance of planning ahead for a potential disaster.  Groups within the Ross Community have worked together to create an effective disaster plan.  

Included in this is a helpful brochure, outlined by the state, about what to do in the event of a disaster. These brochures are available at the space on the wall inside the post office.

The Town’s safety department stresses that all residents need to prepare to be self-sufficient for 72 hours after a major disaster.  For more detailed information, residents are encouraged to visit the Public Safety and Emergency Services link of the town website

Here you’ll find tips on: 

  • Preparing an Emergency Kit
  • Get Ready Marin classes and CERT training
  • Dealing with different types of disasters
  • Registering with the Town’s Telephone Emergency Notification System 

Additional helpful links/resources as you make your disaster plans:

ADT has analyzed sixty five years of FEMA data and has released an interactive disaster risk map that calculates the risk natural threats pose across the United States. One can simply input a ZIP code and view the area’s exposure to natural hazards. Please click the link below to explore this data.


Photo courtesy of Ross resident Donna Goldman / Buzz Pictures