Ross Property Owners’

Serving the Town of Ross

Our Work

The RPOA works with the Town on issues that are of importance to homeowners and residents of the Town of Ross.  Often, the board will consider topics voiced from the RPOA members regarding concerns they have in town, and see what action(s) can be taken.

An example of this is the formation of the Disaster Preparedness Committee (DISCO).

The RPOA is responsible for Town Council Candidates Night. Candidates Night draws a good attendance as the panel of candidates are asked probing questions by the audience on issues of importance or concern to the voters of our community.

The RPOA provides funds for special town events and projects approved by the board.  Doggie bags and their containers and banners on the Ross Common are two of our ongoing items.  Past projects include: purchasing two new light poles for the Ross Common, a donation to the Ross Post Office revitalization, beautification of the Town Hall entry garden, and a donation to the Town’s Flood Relief Fund for town merchants in 2006.  Fourth of July celebrations, and winter holiday decorations are supported annually.  We also made a donation to the Ross Historical Society for the publication of their book “Ross, California The People, the Places, the History.”

A representative from the RPOA Board attends regular town council meetings. We report members’ concerns during the time designated for RPOA matters.  The Association publishes a newsletter with actions taken by the Council, Town issues, and subjects of local interest.

If you have an interest in seeing the RPOA work on a special project, we would love to hear from you.  We encourage you to contact a board member with any issue pertaining to the Town for the board to consider and bring to the Town’s attention.